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Think you've got an evil boss or a backstabbing colleague to contend with? Then how would you like to be sharing office space with these co-workers . . .

  1. 1. Miranda Priestley, The Devil Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger

    Runway's editor-in chief gives orders that no one can decipher - and expects the result yesterday.
  2. 2. Vivian Grant, Because She Can - Bridie Clark

    The publisher has no qualms turning up to her staffer's wedding to berate the bride about business matters. The staff are so traumatised they have a support group to share war stories.
  3. 3. Mrs X, The Nanny Diaries - Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin

    Who else would disappear without a word of warning to the nanny or her son Grayer?
  4. 4. Amy Jenkins, Boy Meets Girl - Meg Cabot

    The HR director, aka Tyrannical Office Despot, makes life difficult for Kate when she gets her to fire the company's popular dining lady.
  5. 5. Ruth, She's Got Issues - Stephanie Lessing

    She's all out of promotion concepts so she steals Chloe's ideas. Plus Chloe is the target when some editors write a bitchy article about an overly ambitious, manipulative assistant.
  6. 6. Sidra DeSimon, How to Sleep with a Movie Star - Kristin Harmel

    She leaks a false story to the media about Mod's entertainment editor sleeping with actor Cole Brannon.
  7. 7. Lucy Fiamma, Blind Submission - Debra Ginsberg

    This literary agent is a real prima-donna.
  8. 8. Sapphire Rose, Outside In - Courtney Thorne-Smith

    This soapie star not only acts like a diva, she also steals Kate's husband.
  9. 9. Scott, The Second Assistant - Clare Naylor

    When Lizzie Miller gets a job as a second assistant at a talent management company, her boss is a drug-taking wonderkid who gets her to sort out all the white thumbtacks.
  10. 10. Allegra, The Twins of Tribeca - Rachel Pine

    The president of publicity at Glorious Pictures says she's on holiday in Europe, so why are there constant sightings of her around town?

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