TOP 10


Which authors have proved to be long-stayers, producing great book after great book? These 10 authors all have us rushing out for their new titles . . .

  1. 1. Marian Keyes

    No one's come close to knocking this queen of chick lit off her perch. Seems incapable of producing a dud.
  2. 2. Jennifer Weiner

    Love her tales about women facing the issues that readers can relate to.
  3. 3. Melissa Hill

    Always a captivating story with great characters and a killer twist.
  4. 4. Sophie Kinsella

    For bringing us the irrepressible Shopaholic.
  5. 5. Jane Green

    Has produced an enviable and varied catalogue of work.
  6. 6. Adele Parks

    Can't think of anyone better to tell of the tangled web that married women sometimes weave.
  7. 7. Jill Mansell

    With more than 20 titles to her name, make sure you include her early books on your reading list.
  8. 8. Dorothy Koomson

    She may hate the chick lit tag but we love her heart-wrenching stories.
  9. 9. Emily Giffin

    Her Rachel and Darcy books are probably the best sequel out there.
  10. 10. Meg Cabot

    Just wish she spent more time on adult novels.

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