1. 1. Motherland - Maria Beaumont

    A gripping read about the fall and rise of a desperate housewife.
  2. 2. Getting Rid of Matthew - Jane Fallon

    What happens when a mistress decides she doesn't want her married lover just as he leaves his wife?
  3. 3. The Next Thing on my List - Jill Smolinksi

    An inspiring story of a woman finishing a list of things to do for a stranger who died in a car crash.
  4. 4. Scot on the Rocks - Brenda Janowitz

    A funny tale of keeping up appearances - and Scottish accents - at an ex-boyfriend's wedding.
  5. 5. Those Faraday Girls - Monica McInerney

    A family saga of five different sisters before an unforgiveable act tears them apart.
  6. 6. Odd Mom Out - Jane Porter

    The pressures of fitting in with the in-crowd - even when you're a grown-up single mother.
  7. 7. The Yorkshire Pudding Club - Milly Johnson

    Three friends sit on a fertility site and fall pregnant within months.
  8. 8. I Did a Bad Thing - Linda Green

    Sarah's guilt returns as she faces up to two blasts from the past.
  9. 9. Forget About It - Caprice Crane

    A really memorable book about a girl who comes into her own by faking amnesia.
  10. 10. The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs

    About a knit and bitch club that soon becomes a precious refuge in times of need.

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