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From sisters who share everything - including a birth date - to siblings who have absolutely nothing in common, these books explore the emotion-filled experience of being a sister.

  1. 1. In Her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner

    Sisters Rose and Maggie Feller may think they have nothing in common except their shoe size.
  2. 2. Three Wishes - Liane Moriarty

    Follow a tumultuous year in the life of the Kettle triplets.
  3. 3. Those Faraday Girls - Monica McInerney

    Four sisters help their youngest sister bring up her baby - until an incident tears them apart.
  4. 4. A Tale of Two Sisters - Anna Maxted

    When Lizbet unexpectedly falls pregnant, her sister Cassie, desperate to have her own baby, finds it difficult to deal with the news.
  5. 5. The Other Woman's Shoes - Adele Parks

    Martha has strived hard to create the perfect home for her husband and kids, while sister Eliza lives a carefree life. What happens when change means they may experience life in the other's shoes?
  6. 6. One-Hit Wonder - Lisa Jewell

    When former pop singer Bea dies, it's left to her half-sister Ana to collect her belongings and uncover what became of her life.
  7. 7. Each Way Bet - Ilsa Evans

    The Broadhurst sisters, Jill and Emily, decide to trade places with one another for a day.
  8. 8. The Alphabet Sisters - Monica McInerney

    Childhood singing stars Anna, Bett and Carrie Quinlan haven't spoken for years. Then their grandmother calls them back together for her 80th birthday.
  9. 9. Shopaholic & Sister - Sophie Kinsella

    How could Becky's long-lost half-sister Jess hate shopping, shoes and spending?
  10. 10. Special Delivery - Zoe Barnes

    Ally realises her older sister Miranda's life isn't as perfect as she thought when she asks her to be a surrogate mum.

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