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Together - Julie Cohen (2017)


Centring around a couple’s love story in reverse, this novel kicks off in 2016, when Robbie wakes up and leaves the love of his life, Emily, a single rose and a note before an ocean swim. The story then backtracks through the years, revealing more about the relationship between the American boat builder and the English doctor. It soon becomes apparent that they share secrets that could tear their lives apart.
Cohen employed the interesting tactic of telling the story backwards, and it meant you had to pay attention to pick up the clues. However, my interest in what was going on waned at times and I wasn’t as engaged in Robbie and Emily’s relationship as I had expected. But the secret when it comes – back in 1962 when the couple first met - made the whole book worthwhile.

Rating 7/10

Julie Cohen employs the unusual method of telling her story backwards in her latest novel, Together. The synopsis says: "Is this a great love story? Or a story about great love? You decide.
On a morning that seems just like any other, Robbie wakes in his bed, his wife Emily asleep beside him, as always. He rises and dresses, makes his coffee, feeds his dogs, just as he usually would. But then he leaves Emily a letter and does something that will break her heart.
As the years go back all the way to 1962, Robbie's actions become clearer as we discover the story of a couple with a terrible secret - one they will do absolutely anything to protect." Together is out in July 2017.

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