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Stephanie Pegler is an Australian journalist and founder of the Chicklit Club. She was also an organiser of International Chick Lit Month, held each May. Steph worked as a sub-editor on a daily newspaper for nearly 20 years, and lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her husband and three children. Her debut novel, Don’t Mention the Rock Star, written under the pen-name Bree Darcy, was published in 2015. Email Steph.

Thank you to all our past reviewers, who have come from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Look for their initials behind the reviews.

Lisa Bambrick (LB) – Canada

Jennifer Barclay (JB) – Greece

Anna Bell (AB) – Britain/France

Shirley Benton-Bailey (SBB) – Ireland

Sherri Bryant (SH/SB) – USA

Carissa Chesanek (CC) – USA

Asha Chowdary (AC) – India

Jade Craddock (JC) – Britain

Emma Horton (EH) – UK

Chelsey Krause (CK) – Canada

Maureen Lopez (ML) – USA

Laura Lovelock (LL) – Britain

Karen Cummings (KC) – Britain

Pooja Dave (PD) – India

Kat Duncan (KD) – Britain

Leah Eggleston Krygowski (LEK) – USA

Jarin Eisenberg (JE) – USA

Gina Fewtrell (GF) – Australia

Vanessa Fielding (VF) – Australia

Megan Foust (MF) – USA

Leanne Francis (LF) – Australia

Cindy Funk (CF) – USA

Christy Goldstein (CG) – USA

Jencey Gortney (JG) – USA

Sarah Griffiths (SG) – Britain

Marta Hajdinjak (MH) – Croatia

Cathy Herbert (CH) – USA

Joan Hill (JH) – Britain

Jody Hoekstra (JoH) – The Netherlands

Lynley McInnarnay (LM) – New Zealand

Colette McLemore (CM) – USA

Samantha Nitz (SN) – USA

Katherine Marks (KM) – USA

Lisa O’Meara (LO) – Ireland

Annmarie Ottman – USA

Cristina Parajon (CP) – Spain

Amy Parsons (AP) – USA

Lindsey Philipson (LP) – Britain

Paula Phillips (PP) – New Zealand

Jennifer Pilato (JP) – USA

Noemi Proietti (NP) – Italy

Melissa Puli (Connect) – Australia

Narelle Richards (NR) – Australia

Amy Ridley (AR) – USA

Swati Sharma (SS) – India

Sari Simon (SARI) – Philippines

Angela Smith (AS) – USA

Brenda Steele (BS) – Northern Ireland

Michelle Swoboda (MS) – USA

Xiu Ting Low (XT) – Singapore

Annmarie Trow – New Zealand

Alexandria Vail (AV) – USA

Katherine Weston (Connect) – Australia

Michele Yacovino (MY) – USA

Georgina Young-Ellis (movies) – USA