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The People We Hate at the Wedding - Grant Ginder (2017)


Eloise, Paul and Alice's half sister, is getting married in England and of course she wants them to attend. But they have always been resentful of the privileged life she has led thanks to a trust fund from her French father. Her life is so sorted where theirs is so not - Alice is having an affair with a married colleague and Paul hasn't spoken to their widowed mother, Donna, for several years and has received an uncomfortable proposition from his boyfriend.
Told from the viewpoints of a handful of characters, this story is about a dysfunctional family coming together for a wedding. I was left on the fence about this one. There was some great family conflict and internal turmoil, but the emotional connection wasn't there for me and the ending felt somewhat lacking in resolution. I was also expecting more story time at the actual wedding. It's wry humour may or may not be to your taste.



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