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The Arrangement, by Sarah Dunn, is about a couple who embark on an open marriage. The synopsis says: "Lucy and Owen, ambitious, thoroughly therapised New Yorkers, have taken the plunge, trading in their crazy life in a cramped apartment for Beekman, a bucolic Hudson Valley exurb. They've got a two-hundred-year-old house, an autistic son obsessed with the Titanic, and 17 chickens, at last count. It's the kind of paradise where stay-at-home mums team up to cook the school's 'hot lunch', dads grill grass-fed burgers, and, as Lucy observes, 'chopping kale has become a certain kind of American housewife's version of chopping wood.'
When friends at a wine-soaked dinner party reveal they've made their marriage open, sensible Lucy balks. There's a part of her, though - the part that worries she's become too comfortable being invisible - that's intrigued. Why not try a short marital experiment? Six months, clear ground rules, zero questions asked. When an affair with a man in the city begins to seem more enticing than the happily-ever-after she's known for the past nine years, Lucy must decide what truly makes her happy - 'real life' or the 'experiment?' The Arrangement is out in March 2017.

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