Susan Mallery is the author of scores of romance and women's fiction novels.

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Only His (2011)

Susan Mallery's Fools Gold series delivers another hit with Only His. Triplet sisters live in Fools Gold, famous for its history of strong woman. The stores and even the bars are marketed towards woman - the only bar in town has a tiny section for men and the larger section is set up with everything women could love in a bar. Nevada, one of the sisters, is a construction worker. She is intelligent and knowledgeable and not even looking for romance despite the pressure from her mum now that her two sisters are engaged. She applies for a job with Janack Construction, not realising that she will be interviewing with a past flame and not the owner of the company. She is flustered and blows the interview. What follows is an intriguing set of tests and twists that will allow Nevada to find her way in life and establish herself as a great businesswoman in Fools Gold. Her friends gather around throughout the journey to support, give advice (necessary or not), and laugh and cry with her. Will she find what she is looking for? This strong novel filled with love and laughter was hard to put down. (MS)

Accidentally Yours (2008)

Kerri's son is dying from a rare disease and she needs $15 million to reopen the Washington lab where, she is sure, they will find the cure. She's even figured out where to get the money - from pretentious and cold billionaire Nathan King. Kerri knows he's got to have a heart somewhere. But Nathan is a different man then she expected. His coldness is justified and his pain, which he hides below the surface, is deep. As the two become closer, with Kerri practically blackmailing him for the money, their relationship starts to change. But can two people who are complete opposites ever fall and stay in love? (SN)

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