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Accidents of Marriage (2014)

Married life hasn't turned out exactly how Maddy had expected. As well as a full-time job, managing the household and looking after three children, Maddy has to negotiate her husband Ben's moods. Unpredictable, volatile and aggressive, Maddy has learnt to walk on eggshells around Ben. Then one morning as Ben once again finds himself pushed over the edge whilst driving with Maddy they're involved in an accident - an accident that will alter their lives completely. Meyers has hit on a really fascinating subject matter in the novel - that of anger and its consequences within marriage - which makes for a compelling read, although I would have preferred to have seen more demonstration of Ben's anger before the accident to really get a sense of it. The three-voiced narrative - of Maddy, Ben and eldest daughter Emma - gave a broader and more engaging perspective than would have been possible with a single narrative and allowed readers a much more nuanced relationship with Ben. I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of marital and family dynamics and the questions it raises. (JC)

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