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Wonder Women (2013)

Starting her own business has always been a dream of Jo's, one that she thinks won't happen after the arrival of her two gorgeous toddlers. The idea she has in mind is a kids clothing shop with a twist. Will Jo's new venture take off or will reversing roles with her husband be too much to handle? Holly and Mel spring into Jo's life in the shape of her new sales assistants. They become more than new recruits though, they become lifelines and friends. South Africa had turned sour for Holly and back in London family life brings things to a head. Meanwhile Mel's teenager daughter is spoiling their close relationship by hiding changes in her life. Can these women survive these obstacles? I first discovered Rosie Fiore when I read her first book, Babies in Waiting which in my opinion was one of the best debut novels out there. I loved the idea for this new book and felt it was unique. In my opinion Jo's husband was a bit too perfect, always doing things right and not putting a foot wrong but I still enjoyed reading about him. Especially when he decides to pursue his passion for being creative and the many struggles he faced being a stay-at-home dad. (KD)

Babies in Waiting (2012)

Three women at different stages in their lives end up expecting babies in September. Louise is the oldest at 38, and then there is Toni who is 26, and then Gemma at 18. One of them gets pregnant to keep a man, one knows her biological clock is ticking and the other ends up pregnant after a one-night stand. Their family and friends all react differently to the news and there are many challenges each of them face in the nine months ahead. Louise, Toni and Gemma meet on an online forum and connect to one other through their experiences. This has all the elements I like in a book - friendship and motherhood. It's a journey you feel like you're on with them throughout the book. Rosie Fiore writes in such a way that you feel like the characters are friends of yours. The forum idea was brilliant, and helped these women through their experiences when they felt they had no one else to deal with their questions and worries. My favourite was Toni as she seemed so mature and headstrong but I also liked Louise, especially how she dealt with life as a single mother and the relationship with her brother Simon. This is a novel full of laughter, tears and shows a true understanding of motherhood in all its forms. (KD)

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