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Brianna Wolfson admits her debut novel, Rosie Coloured Glasses, is partly autobiographical. The synopsis says: "Just as opposites attract, they can also cause friction, and no one feels that friction more than Rex and Rosie's daughter, Willow. Rex is serious and unsentimental and tapes checklists of chores on Willow's bedroom door. Rosie is sparkling and enchanting and meets Willow in their treehouse in the middle of the night to feast on candy.
After Rex and Rosie's divorce, Willow finds herself navigating their two different worlds. She is clearly under the spell of her exciting, fun-loving mother. But as Rosie's behaviour becomes more turbulent, the darker underpinnings of her manic love are revealed.
Rex had removed his Rosie coloured glasses long ago, but will Willow do the same?" Rosie Coloured Glasses is out in February 2018.

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