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Do Opposites Attract? (2014)

Brianna Worthington comes from money but she's determined not to be another spoilt, rich girl. She wants to do something worthwhile, not depend on her family's name and fortune. So when she meets the lady who runs Medic SOS, a charity delivering immediate medical help in areas hit by natural disasters, she agrees to immediately fly out to an earthquake-hit zone in South America. Mitch McBride, lead doctor for Medic SOS, has been told of Brianna's arrival and expects a pampered princess, something he doesn't have time for. So before he's given her a chance he's already written her off. But despite the absence of hot showers or four-poster beds, Brianna's determined to get stuck in, even if she's not exactly cut out for it and Mitch has to begrudgingly accept that perhaps there's more to this society girl than meets the eye. This was a really nice treat of a novel, entertaining and easy to read. I enjoyed the various settings in the book, including the Medic SOS camp, although that's only a relatively short part of the story, as well as the London high society. The relationship between Brianna and Mitch is compelling and I was intrigued by the lead man who is uncompromisingly stubborn and difficult. Freeman certainly offers a different type of romance here. The narrative does jump occasionally and at times I would have liked to have seen what happened in the intervening periods, but generally it's a charming, effortless read. (JC)

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