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Happiness for Humans - P.Z. Reizin (2018)


Jen is a journalist who’s been tapped for an IT project – talking to Aiden, a form of artificial intelligence, so he can learn to interact with humans. They develop a strong connection and Aiden – who has secretly escaped the lab and is running loose on the web - wants her to be happy. So he makes life difficult for her ex, Matt, and sets her up with Tom, an ex-advertising guy who lives across the pond. Tom has an AI being in his life too, Aisling. But as the two meddlesome AIs try to help their humans find love, something is hell-bent on getting in their way.
This is a delightful debut, a quirky read told from the perspectives of the various characters – both human and non-human. Aiden – in all his classic movie and cheese-loving glory – is so endearing. All the technical stuff is explained in a way that it’s believable but not too tech-heavy. Perfect for the rom-com reader looking for something a bit different.

Rating 7/10


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