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Dead Girl Running - Christina Dodd (2018)


Kellen Adams is former military who did multiple tours in Afghanistan. After being honorably discharged, she finds a job as assistant manager at the Yearning Sands resort in the State of Washington. Taking advantage of the winter season and the few guests, the owners of the resort, Annie and Leo Di Luca, go on vacation and leave Kellen in charge. But things don't go as smoothly as expected, as a body turns up, the hotel is involved in the smuggling of artefacts, and Kellen's past is finally catching up with her. And in all of this, Kellen doesn't know who she can't trust.
I liked the character of Kellen, she is smart, determined, and keeps a file in her head of everyone she meets. Although I liked the main character, I couldn't completely get into the story. I think that a few things were revealed too quickly and some questions were left unanswered. Despite this, the plot is dark and still intriguing and there are a few twists that keep you on edge. (NP) 7/10



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