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The Love Market (2010)

Celine Lewis is at a crossroads in her life. She is married with a daughter and loves running her matchmaking service. But she feels something is missing. With husband Mike, the spark just isn't there and they decide to end their marriage. One day Celine receives an email from her first love, Patrick, whom she met at the Love Market in Sa Pa in Vietnam and had a great four-day love affair with him. Once they start talking about their lives and their past she starts to think that maybe they could have a future together. This is an absorbing read about ending a relationship and starting a new one. (CG)

Send Me a Lover (2008)

Angela's husband once told her that if he died he'd send someone for her to love again. She just never thought she'd lose Jonathan at age 36 - the victim of a car accident. Still finding it hard to get over her grief, she leaves behind her unfulfilling advertising job in Vancouver to visit her mum back in England. Together they go on a package holiday to Greece, to the island of Zante, where she meets two men who just might have been sent for her. But is Angela ready to love again and if so which man is right for her? Read it for the antics of her mum getting her groove back and the page-turning teaser of who Angela will end up with.

The Secrets of Married Women (2007)

Jill can handle not having children. What she can't handle is how her husband Rob has withdrawn from her when he finds out it's his sperm count that's the problem. With one friend confessing to a passionate affair and another living the perfect marriage with the perfect guy, Jill feels like she's missing out. Then she meets a gorgeous lifeguard who's had his eye on her for a while. Will Jill let her fantasies become reality or discover the secrets her best friends are keeping? A tale of infertility and infidelity, with some clever twists to keep you turning the pages.

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