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Burning Moon – Jo Watson (2016)


Lilly has been left at the altar by her fiance with only a small note and no explanation. Trying to get over the heartbreak and humiliation, Lilly decides to go on their honeymoon to Thailand on her own, but things just get worse. First she boards the plane without noticing that she is still wearing her ridiculous pajamas, then she throws up in front of everyone and is arrested when she lands in Thailand. If that wasn’t enough, Damien, the dark gorgeous guy who is not at all her type, has seen it all and also heard her heartbreaking story that she told to three Thai agents. But Damien is not the scary goth guy that she thought at the beginning, and soon he is taking Lilly on a fantastic adventure around Thailand that will change both their lives.
This is one of these romantic comedies that you like to see in the movies. Full of hilarious adventures and romantic and sexy scenes, the love story between Lilly and Damien is one that happens only on screen or in books but you still dream about. From the witty characters to the exotic setting of Thailand and the captivating plot, this is an entertaining novel that I enjoyed in just two sittings. (NP)

Rating 8/10

South African writer Jo Watson's debut novel, Burning Moon, is being published after creating a buzz on Wattpad and being one of the winners in Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write competition in 2013. The synopsis says: "Love your life. Chase your dreams. Dance under the stars. It's all waiting for you at Burning Moon.
WARNING: Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests can lead to irrational behaviour, such as going on your honeymoon ... with a total stranger.
Once across the world on the beaches of Thailand, side-effects may include getting arrested, setting yourself on fire, turning up on a 'Missing Poster', going viral and having your own hashtag.
Be prepared to be stranded on a desert island, sleep under the stars, and trek through the jungle on an elephant. Surprising symptoms may include partying the night away at Burning Moon Festival - and falling in love when you least expect it..." Burning Moon is out in August 2016.

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