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A Not Quite Perfect Family, by Claire Sandy, brings us a character whose life revolves around family meals. The synopsis says: "Fern Carlile has a lot on her plate. It's a good thing she loves her big imperfectly perfect family, because she's the one who washes their pants, de-fleas the dog and runs her own business. A hearty meal is the one thing that pulls the Carliles together - but over the course of a year, the various courses also pull them apart.
Around the table sits an eight-year-old militant feminist, a pair of teenaged accidental parents, and a cantankerous OAP. Fern's husband needs an extra seat for his spectacular midlife crisis. Will Fern's marriage be over by the time coffee is served? Perhaps she'll give in and have the hot new dish that looks so tempting. Decisions, decisions ..." A Not Quite Perfect Family is out in April 2017.

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