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Scared Scriptless (2014)

Maddy Carson, a twenty-something script supervisor working in Hollywood, is great at her job. She's meticulous and detailed, her whole life following a perfect script. She dreams of sitting in the director's chair someday, but doesn't think she's creative enough. When an opportunity to do a reality show about her home town comes up, she wonders if it's worth pursuing. It doesn't fit into her plan, after all. She doesn't like ad libbing, in her own life or otherwise. Questions about what she wants to get out of life get a whole lot more complicated when a handsome TV actor, Adam Devin, takes an interest in her. Should Maddy follow the script of her life, or try ad libbing and see where it takes her? I liked this book overall. It has a good mix of humour, drama, and heart. I enjoyed learning more about what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite TV shows. However, I felt like the story fizzled out towards the end. (CK)

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