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You Me Everything – Catherine Isaac (2018)


Jess is taking her 10-year-old son, William, to France for the summer, so he can spend time with his father, Adam. Adam has never been an involved father, even missing his son’s birth. But Jess’ mother is dealing with a debilitating illness and stresses how important it is for William to bond with his father. Trouble is Adam's too busy running holiday accommodation at a chateau in the Dordogne region and hanging out with his possessive girlfriend.
This is a moving tale about a mother putting her son’s best interests above her disappointment in her ex. It’s the sort of story that works best when you don’t know too much going in. It's a heartfelt and emotional read, however I was prepared for much more heartbreak within the timeline so it didn’t quite offer me ‘everything’. 7/10


Readers will know her better as Jane Costello but here is her first book as Catherine Isaac. You Me Everything - about a woman who leaves her boyfriend only months after giving birth to their son - is currently being developed as a movie.
The summary says: "You and me, we have history.
We have a child together.
We have kept secrets from each other for far too long.
This summer, in the beautiful hills of the Dordogne, it is time for everything to change.
You Me Everything is a heartfelt and unforgettable story about the lengths we are prepared to go to for those we love." It's out in April 2018. See the book trailer below:

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