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Relatively Normal - Whitney Dineen (2018)


Cat believes she has found the perfect mate in Ethan. He is uber-organised, reliable, responsible and dependable. He won’t break her heart and he isnâ't weird like her family. In fact he is the complete opposite of her family. She has avoided introducing him to them until now. A trip home for Thanksgiving reopens doors to the past and Cat finds herself struggling to come to terms with not only who her family is but ultimately who she is and what she wants.
This is a fun story about a woman who finds herself in the middle between what she thinks is normal and what is right. The story takes on a real interesting angle when Cat finds out her parents invited her high school sweetheart to join them for Thanksgiving. Cat’s grandmother also adds a lot of humorous twists with her feisty nature.
The author does an excellent job of creating appealing characters in a story that entertains on many levels. The story moves forward at an enjoyable pace, keeping me engaged. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy stories about families and coming home. (SH)


The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan (2015)


With three gorgeous and talented sisters, Mimi Finnegan has come to the realisation that she is the unimpressive one. Mimi has a new client at her PR firm, British author Elliot Fielding, and she has never been so infatuated by a man before. All of his British quirks, although annoying to her, give him a certain charm. Mimi knows that her biological clock is ticking at 34 and cannot be strung along by someone who isn't interested in having a long-term relationship. And Elliot is apparently about to propose to his girlfriend - even though he cannot deny the attraction he feels for Mimi either.
When Mimi heads to New York City for the launch of Elliot's new book, she meets Richard at a cafe. Richard is everything any woman would want - cute, financially sound and unattached. Mimi decides as long as Elliot has a fiancee, then she will date Richard. Can she move forward with Richard who on paper looks like the smartest choice? Or will fate push Elliot and her together?
Mimi Finnegan is someone you can relate to and you hope she figures out that she is beautiful and talented instead of the ugly duckling she always felt she was. You root for her throughout this fun story and hope she picks the right man for her. (CG)


She Sins at Midnight (2014)


Lila Montgomery is a Hollywood assistant with a big secret to hide. No one would suspect she is the author of a bodice-ripping romance novel, and Lila intends to keep it that way. She has gone to great lengths to keep her family and friends from uncovering her secret identity, including publishing her smash hit under a pseudonym, Jasmine Sheath.
When an invitation to her high school reunion arrives, Lila decides it's the perfect opportunity to escape the torment of Melinda Forrester, one of her firm's clients. Unfortunately, the drama follows her when Melinda shows up in Lila's hometown and a media frenzy ensues. That, combined with Lila's passionate affair with the man who inspired her novel, and the fact that the spotlight is shining brightly on her alter ego, Jasmine, make this anything but the quiet getaway Lila had hoped for.
She Sins at Midnight is a wonderful story with an added bonus, as Dineen has included passages from the romance novel Lila penned. The characters are engaging and the predicaments Lila gets herself into provide plenty of humour. Dineen's debut novel is definitely worth reading and I look forward to her future releases. (LB)


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