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Lush (2010)

As the cliche goes, Lydia Kyriacos has it all - the gorgeous, stylish flat situated in Notting Hill Gate (like the movie), a long-term banker boyfriend called Marcus, a great job as an account director at an advertising firm and awesome friends who really know how to party. But her perfect life is about to start crumbling. On the night of their fifth anniversary, Lydia arrives home to find a note from Marcus saying he's leaving her. Also her company is making people redundant due to the recession and if Lydia doesn't pull up her socks then she's top on their list. If that wasn't stressful enough, she has bouquets of flowers coming out of ears, her friend is in love with a Swedish children's entertainer whose band is the equivalent to The Wiggles and her competition is trying to stop her from succeeding on the account that could save her career and boost her rep. To top it off Lydia realises that "yes, I'm an alcoholic". Can she stop drinking and turn her life around for the better or is it too late? This shows readers that no matter how hard or terrible life can become, there is always an open window of opportunity where you can see the light and come out of the experience for the better. An excellent read of love, holiday flings and those surprises round every corner. (PP)

Second Opinion

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