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Victoria Fox's latest novel, The Silent Fountain, is a tale of lies, obsession and betrayal. The summary says: "Beneath the surface lies a terrible secret...
Hollywood, 1975: Tragedy sends troubled film star Vivien Lockhart into the arms of Giovanni Moretti, and it seems her fortunes have finally changed. Until she meets his sister, and learns that dark shadows haunt her new husband's past...
Tuscany, Present day: Everyone in London is searching for Lucy Whittaker so Lucy needs to disappear. But her new home, the crumbling Castillo Barbarossa, is far from the secluded paradise it seemed.
Across the decades, Vivien and Lucy find themselves trapped in the idyllic Italian villa. And if they are ever to truly escape its walls, they must first unearth its secrets." The Silent Fountain is out in March 2017.

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