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The F Word - Liza Palmer (2017)


When Olivia Morten left high school as a lonely, overweight teenager, she swore things were going to be different for her. And boy, are they ever. She lost all of her high school weight (and then some), is the highly successful publicist for some of the hottest celebrities in Los Angeles, and is married to an amazingly gorgeous doctor. Life is looking pretty good for the new Olivia until she crosses paths with her high school nemesis, Ben Dunn. She is instantly flooded with painful memories of high school and her love/hate relationship with Ben and begins to doubt whether she is in fact the perfect person she has strived so hard to become.
The F Word is a wonderful, smart, and funny story about reinventing yourself into a completely different person in hopes of having a better life but then questioning who you really are when your past comes rushing back to face you head on. Ms Palmer writes books with great characters who always find themselves on a path to discovering who they truly are and The F Word is no exception. (LEK)

Rating 8/10

In the sequel to Liza Palmer's 2005 novel Conversations with the Fat Girl, The F Word sees Olivia have to come to terms with her past. The summary says: "Olivia Morten is perfect. Maybe she's constantly hungry, but her body is to die for. Maybe her high-flying publicist job has taken over her life, but her clients are LA's hottest celebrities. Maybe her husband is never around, but he is a drop-dead-gorgeous doctor. And maybe her past harbours an incredibly embarrassing secret, but no one remembers high school ... right?
When Ben Dunn, Olivia's high school arch nemesis and onetime crush, suddenly resurfaces, all of her hard-won perfection begins to unravel. As she finds herself dredging up long-suppressed memories, she is forced to confront the most painful truth of all: sometimes who we become isn't who we really are." The F Word is out in April 2017.

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