Temptation Island - Victoria Fox (2012)

The subtitle for this book, Sexy, Sensational, Sinfully Good, pretty much sums it up. The story is told primarily from three points of view: Lori, a beautiful Spanish girl trapped in a Cinderella nightmare; Aurora, a spoilt, utterly ignored teenage daughter of two successful country singers; and Stevie, a London native who moves to New York to start over. For all of the glamorous locations and people, the guts of the story is focused on a very seedy, dark underbelly of Hollywood, and each of the three women comes to this unsavoury element through different paths. Lori, in trying to escape the evil stepmother and stepsisters, is rescued by the mysterious and attractive JB Moreau, whom we are told repeatedly is Up to No Good. Yet he seems to treat Lori extremely well, appearing as her knight in shining armour. She becomes a top model and moves to Los Angeles. Aurora, a hot mess if ever there was, meets Pascale, a French bundle of complexities and curiosity, at boarding school; Pascale's uncle is JB Moreau. And Stevie becomes a movie star and meets Xander, an actor-director who gets very skittish anytime JB Moreau's name comes up. Moreau is the magnet that draws the three women - amongst other people - to the island of Cacatra. Something very nefarious is afoot on Cacatra, and our three heroines become involved in it. The plot is convoluted - there are a LOT of characters and subplots - yet this is an edge-of-your-seat pageturner. Victoria Fox knows how to create characters who draw us in, and she can tell a story. She writes some decent sex scenes, too. Another thing the author does well is create some ambiguity with her characters. JB Moreau is a bad guy. He does very bad things and he poses a threat to everyone in his orbit. Yet ... he helps Lori, and cares about her. And he rescues another character. In fact, the theme of rescuing and saving is bigger than any temptation. That Stevie is stronger than she realises does not surprise us, because she left a terrible situation in London to try to save herself. Aurora, too, must save herself, because her parents certainly aren't interested. Temptation Island might be better titled Deception Island, because nothing is as it appears. But whatever its name, this is a fun book that you will not want to put down. (AP)

Victoria Fox will be leading us into temptation, with her second novel Temptation Island. The summary says: "Welcome to Paradise. Only the rich are invited ... only the strongest survive. But is it heaven on earth or a devil's playground? Fame. Money. Success. Lori wants them, Aurora is being destroyed by them, and Stevie's got them at her best friends' expense. These three women are all drawn unwittingly to the shores of Temptation Island, all looking for their own truth. But they discover a secret so shocking there's no turning back. The island promises the one thing money can't buy - but the glittering waters drown dark secrets... The price is devastating." Temptation Island is out in June. Three e-books shorts will be released from March in the lead-up to Temptation Island's release, Rivals, Pride and Ambition.

Rivals is the first of three short story ebooks which lead into Victoria Fox's 2012 novel Temptation Island. The summary says: "Emily Windermere, darling of British film, has a starring role in the summer's hottest period drama - but it's her scandalous affair off-screen that's set to raise temperatures. Meanwhile Julia Chambers has been cast as the dowdy maid yet again: she's lived her whole life in Emily's shadow, and when her rival moves to take the one thing Julia holds dear, she decides it's payback time. LA actress Nina is fresh from a stint in rehab, divulging tales of a mystery island to which only the elite are admitted. For Julia, it's a closed door she'd never dare push; but for Emily, it's a temptation too hard to resist . . ."

Pride is the second of three short story ebooks which lead into Victoria Fox's 2012 novel Temptation Island. The summary says: "Jenna Reynolds used to be Hollywood's brightest child star - now she's trapped at home with her hated ex-showgirl stepmum and a TV crew filming their every move. But stepmum Candy has waited a long time for her shot at celebrity and won't let anyone stand in her way - even if that means playing dirty. Jenna vows that the show will resurrect her career; Candy swears it will be the beginning of hers. When sexy director Alex enters the ring, there can be only one winner . . . and the winner will take it all."

Ambition wraps up the ebook series which lead into Victoria Fox's 2012 novel Temptation Island. The summary says: "Fresh from Broadway, Sophia Dawson is set to take Tinseltown by storm - but not if her struggling-actor boyfriend Ben has his way. Lovestruck co-star Eric Monroe admires Sophia from afar, and when the trio are joined by an icon with connections to an elite mystery island, temptation proves too hard to resist ..."

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