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The Truth About Love and Lightning (2013)

When a tornado seemingly drops a very familiar stranger on to her property, Gretchen Brinks must come to terms with the lie she told 40 years before with regard to the paternity of her daughter, Abby. Abby who is newly pregnant herself, has arrived home to figure out what the future holds for her. However, with the arrival of the Man Who Might Be Sam, family ties become more intertwined as they all search for answers about what the truth might be. Filled with magic and mystery, The Truth About Love and Lightning is mostly a story of what makes a family. Lovely characters and an interesting story line will keep you entertained and wondering until the very end. (LEK)

Little Black Dress (2011)

Antonia is living her dream - she has a thriving events business and a guy she is ready to settle down with. One night Greg is taking her to dinner and she thinks he's finally ready to propose - instead he's only asking her to move in with him. Upset by this turn of events, she then finds out her mother, Evie, has suffered a stroke and she needs to return to Blue Hills, Missouri, where she hasn't been since her father passed away two years earlier. As she waits to see if her mother will recover, Toni is drawn into her mother's past, including a magical black dress which can tell you the future - both good and bad. Evie was trying on the dress that had changed her life so many years ago when she sees herself dying before she has a chance to tell Toni the truth of the past and about her Aunt Anna whom she never has met. Will time give them the chance to have the mother-daughter relationship they were supposed to have or will all the secrets die with Evie? Alternating between past and present, this is a spellbinding and emotional tale which makes you wonder if you could know the future would you take the chance? Or just wait and see what life has in store for you. (CG)

The Cougar Club (2010)

Kat decides it's time to make a change. So in a spur-of-the-moment decision she leaves her boyfriend and New York and moves back home to St Louis where she finds out it is harder to start over at 40 than she thought. Elise is in a rut - she has just watched her son leave for college and she realises, too, that her life needs a change. Her husband, Michael, barely looks at her anymore and she feels like she has no life besides her son and her job as a dermatologist. Then one day at her office she runs into an old friend who is 10 years younger than her. Carla has it all - she is a top reporter and everyone knows her name but since she is pushing past 40 she is well aware that her ex-husband may be trying to get a younger person to take over her anchor spot. This is a great tale - amid all the sex, lust and deception these three women may find out all they have is each other to get through their mid-life crisis. (CG)

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