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Revenge (2010)

Maggie Michaels always wanted to make it big. When she was 16 she moved from her small town to London where she discovers she needs more than a pretty face to become a star. She ends up falling for Derek Stone, a con artist who leaves her for her roommate Camilla when he finds out she is pregnant. Derek's brother, George, is used to cleaning up Derek's messes but when he shows up to pay off another woman in trouble he realises he may have found the perfect girl for him. Years later, Maggie has pushed her daughter, Amber, into the world of acting and singing. All Amber wanted to do is sing - she didn't care if it is only in front of two people. But thanks to their mother, her relationship with older sister Chelsea has been strained for years. And the rivalry begins when Chelsea finds fame by fluke - Amber was auditioning for an acting role but Chelsea ended up with the part. She enjoyed five years of being on top as Roxy, a troubled teen. When the TV series comes to an end, Chelsea has a hard time getting her life together to figure out what is next. Between drugs, alcohol and sex, her life is one whirlwind of chaos. Then one night she shows up at her parents' house where she catches her father in a precarious position that will change her life forever. This is a great, racy and fast-paced read about fame, sibling rivalry and, of course, revenge. (CG)

Note: Sharon Osbourne's publishers have reportedly admitted that she had a ghostwriter. According to The Times, a spokeswoman for Little, Brown said: "Revenge is Sharon's story - she created the characters, scenes and setting. The co-writer helped her to bring that story to the page."

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