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Two Weddings And A Baby (2014)

Tamsyn Thorne is returning to her hometown for the first time in a long time for the wedding of her brother, Ruan, who she hasn't been on good terms with for years. Living and working in Paris, Tamsyn needs to get used to Poldore life once again - even though she's only in town for less than a week - and she also needs to keep her eyes off the gorgeous new vicar. When the town is struck by a ferocious storm and Tamsyn discovers a baby in distress, she may have to rethink her plan to leave as soon as she can. After all, the life she's leading in Paris is less than fulfilling (though she wants her family to think otherwise!) and Ruan's fiance, Alex, isn't as bad as expected. Maybe it's time that Tamsyn gave Poldore another chance. But can she really reacquaint herself with life in a small village again? The story picks up where Just For Christmas left off, but has a new set of characters to add to the already established charm. It's a great little story about finding out what is most important and getting over old hurts. (AS)

Just For Christmas (2013)

Alex Munro never thought that one day she would have to run away from the people she loved so dearly. Always a tomboy Alex is left stunned and devastated when the love of her life and her best friend, Marcus, announces his engagement out of the blue. And to add insult to injury she catches her father in bed with their widowed neighbour. When Alex accepts a job as port master in a Cornish town, she certainly did not expect to share a cold, dingy cottage with a stinky-old dog or keep bumping into the annoyingly hot boat operator Ruan. She doesn't know what is so magical about this town but one thing is for sure, this town has the power to resolve any unresolved issues in her life. This book has more twist and turns than you can ever imagine. I loved the setting - Poldore does seem like a magical place with its deliciously good weather, breathtaking lighthouse and beautiful residents. This is the perfect book to snuggle up with. (SS)

Married By Christmas (2012)

What Anna Carter always wanted is a perfect Christmas wedding complete with a reindeer-drawn sleigh and a beautiful wedding gown with snowflake detailing. She is so thrilled to be finally having this sort of wedding that she can't make enough to-do lists to arrange it all. But suddenly the wedding comes to a halt when her fiance Tom admits he has accidently married an exotic dancer in LA during one crazy drunken night. Leaving everything behind and giving the huge responsibility of her dress fittings to her best friend Liv, Anna jumps on the first flight to New York, determined to find her fiance's wife to convince her to sign the divorce papers. In her quest she is helped by a brooding musician Miles whom she bumps into on the plane. Two weeks to the wedding and Anna has to find a lap dancer in a totally strange city plus use every last bit of willpower to stop herself from falling for Miles. This book is an awesome Christmassy read with a lot of twists and turns. The plot may be a bit predictable but still you can't put it down until finding out if this Christmas wedding will ever happen. (SS)

The Night Before Christmas (2011)

All Lydia Grant ever wanted is a perfect Christmas and hopefully this year she is going to get one. Lydia is more than excited when she and boyfriend Stephen are invited to spend Christmas with her friend Katy at her newly opened hotel in Heron Pikes, a perfect setting just out of a Christmas card. Festivities with her best friends Alex, Katy, Joanna and their men seem like a brilliant idea until best friend Joanna turns up with her latest squeeze, Jackson, who happens to be Lydia's ex-boyfriend. To make things worse they all are snowed in and Lydia is forced to stay under the same roof with her boyfriend who is all set to pop the big question with a massive diamond ring from Tiffany's and her summer fling from a few years back. Things get even stranger when Lydia is swept off her feet by handyman Will. Lydia is certainly set to have a Christmas to remember. With its stunning cover, enchanting setting and story that will keep you guessing, this is a fantastic festive read. (SS)

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