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Last Resort (2011)

Lila Hayes is heartbroken as she has just found out her boyfriend Brody has stolen $3000 from her. She was planning on using that money to finish college. Dejected and hurt, she decides to transfer to a Florida resort called Encantadora to work in their day care section. She plans on licking her wounds and start saving her money so she could start college again after the resort season ends. What she hadn't planned on was Jackson Kobel, the gorgeous water ski instructor who has plenty of secrets. Amid all the staff dramatics, Lila finds a new place she can call home - and an enemy as well. Can Lila regain her trust in people, let alone Jackson, and will she figure out that sometimes things happen for a reason? (CG)

Mulligan Girl (2010)

Ren Edwards has the perfect job - she gets to buy anything she wants as long as she rates their customer service. In fact, her life is almost perfect except for the fact that she is still single. For her job, where she often pretends to be a wealthy married woman, she orders a golfing certificate and heads off to evaluate the resort. She immediately falls for golf course manager Adan but there is one small problem - he thinks she is happily married. Ren tries to find a way to tell him the truth without him hating her for waiting so long to tell him. This is a great read and I can't wait for more from this debut author. (CG)

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