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True Love Way (2012)

Marlo Spencer loves everything retro. She loves curling up and watching old movies and I Love Lucy reruns. When her old high school boyfriend Josh sends her an e-mail, after 12 years of no communication, Marlo decides to go home to Napa Valley and possibly rekindle their relationship. Nik, Marlo's best male friend and the brother of her childhood friend Savannah, decides to accompany her on the trip. When Marlo and Nik arrive in Napa, old secrets end up being revealed and Marlo begins to question whether Josh is the perfect man for her. Although the storyline is predictable, this cute story is a must-read for anyone that can appreciate a great Brady Brunch or Happy Days rerun. The author is the founder of the Chick Lit Bee blog. (AO)

Second Opinion

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