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Midnight at Tiffany's - Sarah Morgan (2016)


Clumsy and introvert Matilda dreams of being a writer but she has "spent most of her life blending into the background". Successful businessman Chase is not happy with his job and is tired of people who want to hang out with him just for his money. So when Matilda doesn't recognise him, he finds himself trusting her and confiding in her. As she helps him to realise what he wants, he helps her get over her shyness and follow her dreams.
This is a funny, romantic and captivating short story, which is part of the From Manhattan With Love series and, as with every other book in the series, I loved every single word. (NP)


Midnight at Tiffany's is a digital short story by Sarah Morgan. The summary says: "Matilda is a New York waitress by day, but an aspiring author by night - and she loves to write about kickass heroines! So when she meets gorgeous millionaire Chase Adams, she decides to channel them and act on their sizzling attraction! One magical night later, she's living the dream, but will a trip to Tiffany's make it a reality?"

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