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Riches (2011)

Celine, Jhumpa and Luci are three very different girls. Though they are all smart in their own ways, they are also complete and total opposites. So when the three are thrown together by a sinister tragedy, it makes working as a group very hard at first. However, the fact remains that they must put their differences aside to locate their kidnapped parents and find a national treasure before it is too late. As they embark on a global quest, they learn all about themselves - and each other - while meeting gorgeous guys and exploring beautiful locations. With danger lurking at every corner, none of these girls could imagine how hard and dangerous it would be to save their parents but what other option do they have? While the characters are no doubt glamorous, sexy and in ways funny, they lack something that it's hard to pinpoint. In addition, the story would have been much better had there not been so many typos in the finished copy of the book. Sometimes there were words that didn't even make sense so the reader has to pause for a moment and figure out what exactly should have been there instead. It makes it hard to get absorbed in the plot when you're constantly stopping to figure out a typo. As a follow-up to Fortune, this title pales in comparison, but sans the typos it's still a fun, light beach read. (AS)

Fortune (2010)

Sapphire, Simonetta and Madison are three girls from completely different worlds. Sapphire is an English college student who is working and living at home with her mum; Simonetta is an aspiring model from Rome who will do anything to make it and Madison is a spoiled Upper East Side rich bitch who cares about money and status above everything else. It may seem as though they have nothing in common but one fateful invitation from mega mogul Brad Masters changes everything. Brad has invited each girl to his 50th birthday party that is to be held at his villa in Capri. Simonetta and Madison can't wait to go and mingle with the rich and famous but Sapphire isn't so keen. She's happy with her life and doesn't need to go party with people who feel like they're better than her. In the end, her mum insists that she go to the party. Soon enough, the three girls are intertwined in a tangled web of deceit and lies that will showcase all of their true colours. This is an intoxicating story that gives a glimpse into the lives of the super rich while also showing what money will do to a person when it's presented on a silver platter. It's a fun and intense story with lots of drama and even a little bit of heartbreak. (AS)

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