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Bridges (2017)


Daphne and KC head to Manhattan to celebrate the upcoming wedding of their friend, Skylar. Skylar has always been the eternal bachelorette of the group so the news of her impending nuptials comes as quite a surprise to her friends. As the weekend unfolds, each woman reveals a secret she has been keeping from the others in the group. Unsure of how the others will react, Daphne, KC, and Skylar decide to come clean about their truth and hope for the best.
The characters of Daphne, KC, and Skylar first appeared in Maria Murnane’s novel, Wait for the Rain, and I am happy to see them in a follow-up to that story. I love the connection the trio has with one another; the story reflects the struggles, insecurities, and life changes a lot of woman face that sometimes, only your best girlfriends can make better. Bridges is a really lovely story about the power of long-lasting friendship. (LEK) 7/10


Wait for the Rain (2015)


Daphne White is turning forty and is not at all happy about it. With her ex-husband getting re-married and her teenage daughter becoming more independent, Daphne feels her best years are behind her and that she's lost the person she was once going to be. Reluctantly, she agrees to a Caribbean vacation with her two best friends from college to celebrate the new decade they are all entering. After some much-needed girl time with her friends and meeting a very cute, younger man, Daphne begins to realise there are still good times to be had and that turning forty is really the beginning of her next chapter, not the end of her life.
I really enjoyed Daphne's journey back to herself during her time away with her girlfriends. It was nice to read about a more mature woman entering the next phase of her life and all of the angst that comes with it. The characters were likable and the story progressed nicely; it felt very realistic and was a good reminder that all we need to move forward sometimes is a little encouragement from our friends and some much needed self-confidence. (LEK)8/10


Perfect on Paper (2009)


Waverly Bryson is getting married. That is, until her fiance calls off the wedding just days before their walk down the aisle. Wondering if she will ever find true love and have the life she wants, Waverly gets back to the business of living ... and dating. With the help of her two best friends, McKenna and Andie, the perfect PR job to keep her busy, and the list of "honey notes" she writes to keep her sense of humour, she resumes her single life in San Francisco and begins to tread lightly back into the dating pool, which, as she discovers, can be downright ugly at times. This is a fun read with all of the required "chick lit" elements, including exciting jobs, celebrity friends, and unlimited expense accounts. It was refreshing to read a story that takes place in San Francisco instead of New York or London. The west coast setting definitely added a more relaxed element to the characters and the story. Waverly Bryson is an endearing everywoman who I'd like to see more of in the future. (LEK)7/10

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