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Christmas Cake (2009)

Margaret, Beatrice, Louise and Jessie are close friends who reside in Hope Springs, North Carolina. The women, who are all members of the cookbook committee of the Hope Springs Community Church, are holding a Christmas cake recipe contest. Margaret, the heart and soul of the group, learns a few weeks before Christmas that her breast cancer has returned and has spread to other organs. Margaret tells her friends that all she wants for Christmas is to visit her deceased mother's hometown in Texas. So the best friends set off in a stolen funeral parlour van across country to fulfill Margaret's wish. Charlotte, the former pastor of Hope Springs Community Church, meets them in Texas for support. Continuing the Hope Springs series, this is a beautifully written holiday story about friendship that you will not be able to put down. (AO)

Friendship Cake (2000)

In this first book in a series, busybody and funeral director Beatrice Newgarden decides that it is time to get the Woman Guild's committee at Hope Springs Church together to complete another fundraising project. This year they will create a cookbook. Each of the commitee members reluctantly get involved, bringing along their favourite recipes from Margaret's Sweet Potato Casserole to Louise's Old-fashioned Egg Custard. This book not only offers yummy recipes but also tales of family, loneliness, Alzheimer's and sexuality. As they create their recipe books they soon realise that what started as a resentful project has become more meaningful than anyone imagined. It's ideal for anyone who loves a good laugh and cry. (PP)

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