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The Secret Life of Wishful Thinking - Lindy De Koven (2015)

Hollywood executive Kenzie Armstrong bowed out of that high-powered industry after an embarrassing wardrobe misfunction. Four years later she's in charge of marketing at a racetrack. Kenzie is sceptical when a psychic tells her that the vintage ring she wears belongs to her future husband. But the prophecy definitely plays on her mind when she begins to date jockey agent Matt. Kenzie also has much to prove at work with influential horse owner and 1950s throwback Brynne wanting to turf her out of her job. Meanwhile her friend, Gemma, is busy stalking her biological father and colleague Sarita may spend her nights being set up with potential suitors by her Indian parents but she's also hiding a secret life. The storyline follows all four women, although Kenzie remains the central figure. The challenges the women faced were somewhat cliched but I still enjoyed their journeys, even though the mystery of the ring's owner became obvious far too early in the piece.

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