Pen-name of Maria Beaumont

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Rubbish Boyfriends (2008)

Beauty therapist Dayna is in hospital, about to give birth. Her best friend Emily is there with her candles and whale song CDs but the father is conspicuous by his absence. And so the book journeys into Dayna's boyfriends past to determine who the father is. First up is Simon, her first love who can't stop at one woman. Then there's Chris, a serious university student who wants to be a rock star, and rough-and-tumble Archie with his own particular views of the world. Mark seems the perfect boyfriend - but there has to be a catch and then there's her boss' son Cristian, who wants to settle down. With the author's trademark humour and loads of hilarious cultural references, this is the polar opposite of rubbish. Oh - and one of the truths about one of the boyfriends turns out to rate among the funniest passages I've ever read. Sequel please.

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