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Someday My Prince Will Come (2008)

Jerramy Fine was raised by hippie parents in Colorado, all the time believing that she was switched at birth and actually came from an aristocratic background. Fascinated by royalty, at six she spies the Queen's first grandson Peter Phillips' name on the Windsor family tree and decides then and there that he's her future husband. She even sends a few letters to him c/o Buckingham Palace. As a young adult, she heads to a faraway kingdom (England) to study and circulate in noble circles. Most of the men she meets are appalling (I actually think she'd have done better with the likes of the Mitchell brothers from Eastenders) but Jerramy just couldn't keep away from any guy with a posh accent and floppy Hugh Grant hair. Having taught herself etiquette courtesy of Debrett's and styled herself along the lines of Grace Kelly, she is soon receiving invites to ring in the new millennium in an Indian royal palace and proposals to marry a gay aspiring politician. Along the way, she rubs shoulders with royals including Princess Anne (Peter's mother), Diana's brother Earl Spencer and Fergie. But just as it looks like Jerramy's time in England has come to a miserable end, her prince appears. It may sound a crazy thing to do but Fine's tale about searching for her Prince Charming and believing in the power of dreams is truly enchanting.

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