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The Icing on the Cupcake (2010)

Ansley Wallen has been publicly dumped by her fiance, who may have never loved her. Growing up in Dallas, where marriage and children seem more important than a woman's career, Ansley expected to have married and started a family after graduating college. Now, she's obviously not going to be doing either of those things, so what's a girl to do? The only option seems to be for Ansley to start over by leaving Dallas. Moving to New York seems like a good idea. But the only contact Ansley has in the city is her grandmother, Vivian, who she has never met. Deciding on a whim to send a letter asking if she can go and live with her grandmother is risky - it's very possible she won't even get a response. And her grandmother is apparently a horrible person who abandoned her daughter and husband 46 years earlier. But her newly widowed grandmother, Vivian, does reply, and when she arrives in New York she is surprised by how much they have in common - especially their love of baking. But Vivian dishes up some tough love, telling her she needs to get a job within eight weeks or she can't stay. This leads Ansley on a quest that sees her opening her own business and finally letting go of her past. This is a great story about family, secrets and especially baking. The end of each chapter has a delicious cupcake recipe with a name that reflects the sentiment of that chapter - it's a book not to be missed, especially if you are an avid baker. (AS)

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