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How to Keep a Secret - Sarah Morgan (2018)


Four women from three generations come to life in Sarah Morgan's new novel. After tragedy strikes, Lauren has to leave London to go back home to Martha's Vineyard with her daughter Mack, but she has secrets that she's been keeping from her mother, her daughter, and even her sister Jenna, her closest confident. Jenna has her own problems as she struggles to get pregnant but she can't confide in her mother who always kept her at a distance. Nancy knows that her daughters, Lauren and Jenna, think that she is not a good mother but everything she did was to protect them but the truth may come out soon. And being a teenager is not the only reason sixteen-year-old Mack has been moody lately. As secrets are revealed these women may finally have the chance to resolve their problems and become a family again.
Once again, Sarah Morgan didn't let me down. I loved the characters, their stories and the setting of Martha's Vineyard is simply magical. Refreshing and entertaining, this novel is this summer must-read! (NP) 8/10


How to Keep a Secret, by Sarah Morgan, is centred around three generations of a family. The summary says: "Matriarch Nancy knows she hasn't been the best mother but how can she ever tell her daughters the reason why?
Lauren and Jenna are as close as two sisters can be and they made a pact years ago to keep a devastating secret from their mother - but is it time to come clean?
Lauren's teenage daughter Mackenzie masks her own pain by keeping her mother at a distance. Her mother, aunt and grandmother keep trying to reach her but will it take a stranger to show her the true meaning of family?
When life changes in an instant, the Stewart women are thrown together for a summer and suddenly they must relearn how to be a family. And whilst unravelling their secrets might be their biggest challenge, it could also be their finest moment..." How to Keep a Secret is out in June 2018.



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