Attorney Brooke Miller from Brenda Janowitz's Scot on the Rocks and Jack With a Twist novels is back in a novella called Hollywood Punch. Brooke discovers that an old flame is making a movie that just may feature a character based on her. The summary says: "Gorgeous fiance? Check. Totally in love? Check. Hair more-or-less frizz-free? Check. Ready to meet the ex-boyfriend and his new movie-star wife for dinner? With this hair? God, no. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I need to prove something to Trip. Or to his twig - I mean, wife. It's just that I have my dignity to protect. And the things I've done for my dignity... which may or may not include bringing a fake fiance with a fake Scottish accent and a kilt to Trip's wedding. But Trip doesn't know any of that. Will never know that. I pulled off the charade and now my life is perfect. What? He's making a movie? About a girl who goes to her ex-boyfriend's wedding?" Starring his beautiful celebrity wife? And they need my help to make it accurate? Why would that be a problem? I've nothing to hide... I'm totally screwed."

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