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Second Time Around (2012)

Divorcee Jennifer Irwin is a mother of two and a successful businesswoman. Having spent her entire life ensuring that Lucy and Matt make the best of their lives, Jennifer realises that it's now time to prioritise her needs first and the first thing she wants to do is to get back into the dating game. Twenty-eight-year-old Ben Crawford, voted as Northern Ireland's most eligible bachelor, has sacrificed his ambition of becoming a teacher to manage his father's restaurants. Though unhappy and trapped in the lifestyle and job that he hates, Ben struggles to find the courage to leave it all. When Jennifer meets Ben, they can't deny their attraction towards each other - but with the age gap and the differences between them, their route to love becomes an arduous journey. Though I felt that the story between Ben and Jennifer was slightly overshadowed by the rest of the events, it was nonetheless an enjoyable read about a cougar relationship, and I particularly thought that the descriptions about the family dynamics were relatable. (XT)

Second Opinion

The Promise of Happiness (2011)

Tired of the disappointments and heartaches in the city, Louise packs up her bags and leaves for her hometown of Ballyfergus, in the hope of starting afresh with her three-year-old son Oliver. But she soon learns that her decision of raising her child alone is one that her family hasn't come to terms with yet. Her eldest sister Joanne's marriage is on the verge of crumbling - with Phil's affair threatening to break up the family. Meanwhile the youngest sister, hippy eco-warrior Sian, is marrying her one true love next year. But with her deciding not to have children, fiance Andy seems to be having second thoughts. This is essentially a light-hearted novel involving a somewhat dysfunctional family and their daily dramas. But at times it seems that the author rushes and fails to develop each character properly. (XT)

The Art of Friendship (2010)

"People say that time heals all wounds" but only Janice knew how much truth that statement carries. For the past 27 years, she has struggled to deal with the abuse she suffered in her younger years alone, while at the same time being a good mother to rebellious son Pete. Widowed Kirsty is back in the singles' market, as her friends try to fix her up on blind dates. But she instead finds a growing attraction to her gardener. Patsy is forced to cope with her husband's redundancy and teenage daughter's pregnancy. And Clare's decision to paint again becomes an igniting factor for the strain in her marriage. This is a great story exploring friendship between these four women from a small Irish town over the course of a year, with each character and issue covered in detail. (XT)

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