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OMG Baby! (2014)

Viv Summers and Max Kelly are back and they're finally together. But there's barely time to enjoy the reunion when Viv finds out she's pregnant. All of their plans are suddenly diverted as they try to get used to the idea of being parents. First things first, they need to move in together and whilst that doesn't pose much of a problem, the return of Viv's estranged mother, Rainey (yes, Rainey Summers), threatens to upset the couple's apple cart. This book picks up where Garcia's brilliant debut Never Google Heartbreak left off and it's great to catch up with Viv and Max. Garcia's ingenious wit and characterisation once again shine through, but the Rainey plot didn't always grab me and it was easy to become frustrated with Viv. The book is at its best in the other relationships in the story and the final chapters focusing on Viv's pregnancy were particularly strong. Another laugh-out-loud read from a hugely talented writer. (JC)

Never Google Heartbreak (2013)

In two months time, Viv Summers will be marrying her boyfriend of five years, Rob, and she cannot wait to get down the aisle on the third attempt, following two previous postponements by Rob. But true to form, Rob once again backs down and this time Viv decides to take action, moving out of the flat they share in an effort to spur Rob into committing. As Viv waits expectantly for him to come and get her back, she begins to sense that perhaps things aren't going to plan. When he informs her that he's met someone new, Viv's world comes crashing down. However she's determined to win back her man and the future she had dreamt of. She turns to best friend Max to help her through the testing times and slowly he begins to mend her broken heart. Just as Rob seems to be becoming but a distant memory however, he turns up on Viv's doorstep ruining her relationship with Max. From the first page this story draws you in and Emma Garcia emerges as a wonderful new voice of chick lit, with the perfect blend of genuine wit and poignant romance. Although elements of the plot were predictable and I wanted slightly more from the ending, Viv's search for Max in the latter part of the novel and the handling of this relationship was refreshing, as too were the prefatory contents of each chapter taken from the fictitious nevergoogleheartbreak.com of the book's name - the website that Viv sets up to help her through her romantic troubles. All in all it's a wonderful read and certainly an author I will be following in the future. (JC)

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