October 2009


Texan Dee Davis worked in association management before turning her hand to writing. She has since written 18 novels, including A Match Made in Madison and Set Up in SoHo, and won many awards. When not frantically trying to meet a deadline, Dee says she spends her time with her husband, daughter, cat and dog in Manhattan. (Interview by Angela Smith)

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  1. 1. Tell us a bit about your new book Set up in SoHo.

    The Matchmaker Chronicles continue... When Andrea Sevalas' long-time boyfriend announces he's seeing someone else, Andi's aunt Althea (the infamous Manhattan matchmaker) figures a little manipulation is in order. Things are going charmingly until truth is revealed. Still, with Althea at the helm, Andi will discover that love comes in all kinds of packages, and that sometimes all it takes to recognize the fact, is opening your heart to the possibility.

  2. 2. Are you a matchmaker yourself?

    Actually not so much. Although I did coax a friend on a double date once because I didn't much want to go and she wound up marrying the guy I set her up with. And many, many years later they're still happily married so I guess that counts. (I never went out with my guy again). And I was set up on a blind date with my husband of 20 years as well. So matchmaking - at least at the hands of one's friends - does seem to work!

  3. 3. If you could be anywhere in the world, do you think that NYC is the best place to be for a single woman?

    Interesting question. I think from a "things to do" and "excitement" point of view it's a fabulous place for anyone. There's just an energy here that you can't beat. But it can be difficult to meet people. So it's important to develop a strong network of friends if you're living here on your own. Still, I can't think of any place more wonderful than Manhattan.

  4. 4. Do you feel at home in Manhattan now?

    Most of the time! But occasionally I get the urge for a Target (although there's one in Queens) and maybe a gas grill and a good BBQ. But overall, I can't imagine living anywhere else. There's always something amazing, just around the corner. And every day is an adventure.

  5. 5. When did you become a full-time writer?

    I had a sort of mid-life crisis when my daughter went off to school and figured if I was going to write a book, the time was now. So I put fingers to keyboard, and my first novel, Everything In Its Time, was born. A year and a half later, the book was in bookstores. It was one of the most eventful moments of my life. And 18 books later, I still pinch myself on a daily basis.

  6. 6. Did you always intend to write a sequel to A Match Made on Madison?

    Not originally, no. But I fell in love with the characters, especially Althea, and she insisted there was another story. Characters are like that. They always believe the story is about them. And, at the risk of sounding insane, they can be quite vocal about it.

  7. 7. How is writing a chick lit title different to writing your other novels?

    Since the rest of my books are suspense novels in one format or another, it's been pure heaven to write something lighter. I love romantic comedies. And I've always loved reading chick lit - starting with Bridget Jones's Diary. Watching a heroine grapple with obstacles, often including herself, as she struggles down the path to true happiness is the ultimate in feel-good novel for me. So when I had the idea for Match, I was delighted to try my hand at a new genre. And equally pleased that for once, no characters had to die.

  8. 8. What is your advice to an aspiring author?

    Perseverance. BIC (Butt-in-chair). The most important thing you can do is finish that book. And then turn right around and start the next. That said, I also think it's important to do your homework. Read. Join organizations like the RWA (Romance Writers of America). Learn about the industry. Writing like anything else is a profession, and understanding the business is almost as important as creating a wonderful story.

  9. 9. Who is your favorite chick lit author? TV show? Movie?

    Oh wow! It's always hard to pick one! I love Jennifer Weiner. And I love Emily Giffin. Sex and the City was must-see TV for me. Especially the last few seasons. I love the English series As Time Goes By. And the mini-series Lost in Austen. At the moment, my favorites are Grey's Anatomy and Lost. And movies... there are so many. But most recently I fell in love with Julie and Julia (especially Stanley Tucci). And I'm a fool for most romantic comedies. When Harry Met Sally. Serendipity. It Happened One Night. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And all things Jane Austen both written and visual. (Particularly Emma.)

  10. 10. Who is your favorite author?

    Madeleine L'Engle. A Wrinkle in Time is my all-time favorite book! But Mary Stewart, C.S. Lewis, Harper Lee, Robert Ludlum, Michael Crichton and Barbara Samuel would also all make the list.

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