Cooking Up a Storm, by Sue Welfare, is a rom-com that includes recipes for the dishes mentioned. The summary says: "When newly single Sarah Peterson rents a cottage on Kit Roseberry's country estate and swaps cooking supper for rent, she isn't expecting TV producer Magda Holmes to fall for Kit and his culinary skills, or offer him a slot on her TV show. Kit can't boil water, but he's got the look and needs the money. Magda is keen to go for a traditional feel, happy families, picnics on the beach and birthday teas, so Sarah - along with her two boys - finds herself as undercover cook, and an instant wife and family for Kit's TV debut. But what will that do to Sarah's fresh start, her new man, ex-husband and the rest of her life? Is it a recipe for disaster or does it have all the ingredients of a great romance?"

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