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Diva (2012)

What happens when you realise that the life you are born with is not what you want? When Dionne Summers realises that she is meant to be a supermodel, she swaps the poor roads of Detroit for beautiful Paris. Alyson Wakefield is tired of being sole carer of her alcoholic mother so when she is given a chance to leave England and go wherever she wants, she heads to Paris, a city she has always loved. When these two girls move in with aspiring fashion designer CeCe who was born to a life of luxury but chose to live on her own terms, their life becomes one big party. After spending their days in boring and temporary jobs, these three girls drink together and discuss dates while waiting for their chances to break into the world of power, money, fashion and glamour. Dionne gets her first big assignment modelling for a retail brand catalogue while Alyson gets an entry-level job in a champagne company after sleeping with a business tycoon. The game gets dirty when Alyson unknowingly crushes Dionne's dream and CeCe has to choose between Dionne and Alyson. Once best mates become worst enemies. This book is a brilliant attempt to show that what goes behind all the glamour. Once the cameras are off and the show is over, the ugly side of this life begins to show. Diva is the perfect blend of dreams, success, failure, love, hate, jealousy, fame and the consequences which follow. (SS)

Idol (2011)

Jenna Jonsson has a glittery pop career and when she meets rock band Phoenix and they suggest a collaboration Jenna jumps at the chance of working with her idols. But will Jenna be able to work whilst keeping her hands off ladies man Nick Taylor, and earn the respect of fellow band mates serious Zac and family man Ryan? Sadie Laine, on the other hand, had her big break stolen from her, yet her fortune starts to change when she arrives in Las Vegas. The two girls battle to get to the top of their game professionally and in love, and tensions rise as the childhood competitors cross paths once again. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. The cover for Idol is hot pink, with the title spelt out in sparkly flashbulb lights; you instantly know it is going to be a glitzy chick lit read, full of glamorous characters. It's raunchy and cheesy, and I really enjoyed it. The perfect read if you're looking for a real easy-to-read, lighthearted bonkbuster at the end of a long day.(AB)

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