A Message to Your Heart - Niamh Greene (2012)

Frankie Rowley is in a pickle. She's just started her own literary agency and hasn't gotten enough clients to keep it afloat. On top of that, her mum is badgering her to help with her 40th anniversary party and her boyfriend doesn't want to go public with their relationship for fear of what others in their industry would think. So when Frankie is encouraged to go to San Francisco to try to rope in a major author, she doesn't hesitate for a minute, after all she needs Ian to sign with her if her agency is ever going to survive. However, fate and maybe karma have other things in store while Frankie is in the States. She ends up sitting next to a chatty Southern belle on the plane and then loses her trusty iPhone. When the airline can't find it, they offer her a rental and promise to let her know when her own phone shows up. Frankie is one of those people whose lives revolve around their phone, so if feels like the end of the world. But Frankie manages ... until she starts getting strange and rather saddening text messages that obviously are not meant for her. With a variety of brilliant characters and a twist of fate that no one expected, this is an excellent read. Frankie, though a bit of a workaholic at the beginning, soon begins to see where she went wrong and tries to make amends. But will it be enough to save her agency - and her love life - before it's too late? (AS)

A Message to Your Heart, by Niamh Greene, is about a literary agent who loses her phone and starts receiving mystery messages on her new one. The summary says: "Literary agent Frankie Rowley is far too practical to believe in fairytales, or coincidences, or fate. She's also far too busy to spend time with her family or friends, who all reckon the strongest relationship she has is with her smart phone. (And why not? At least it never judges when she cancels dinner for the millionth time.) So when she loses that beloved phone on a work trip to San Francisco, Frankie is totally distraught. How will she survive without it, especially when the worst PA in Ireland has been left in charge back home? Meanwhile, Frankie's being stalked by a crazy Irish American, ignored by the author she's in the city to meet and played by a scheming boss with more on his mind than work. It seems like her perfectly ordered life is starting to crumble into chaos - especially when she begins to receive mysterious text messages on her replacement cell phone, messages that are most definitely not for her . . . Frankie just doesn't know what to think. She definitely does not believe in fairytales, or coincidences, or fate. So why do all these things seem to believe in her?"

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