Accidentally on Purpose, by Erin Delany (aka Jenny Gardiner), is about a woman who is tired of trying to find the man of her dreams, so with her biological clock ticking, she opts for a sperm donor. The summary says: "Successful Washington, DC photographer Lucy McSweeney has given up on looking for Mr Right. With her biological time clock pounding a veritable drum beat, she's decided all she really needs is a turkey baster to lead her to motherhood. Andrew Madigan is a good guy. So good, he even makes a monthly deposit at a local sperm bank, in honour of his sister, whose marriage fell apart after being unable to conceive. But maybe Drew's a little too good - after all, he's even willing to overlook the fact that his fiancee might no longer be the person he should spend the rest of his life with, because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. But sparks fly when Lucy and Andrew have a chance encounter. Only problem is their chance encounter leads to a very pregnant Lucy shooting Andrew's wedding, a wedding that should never have happened to begin with..."

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