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Sleeping with Ward Cleaver (2008)

Claire Doolittle is not-so-happily married to Jack, who has morphed from dream man into a modern version of bossy, dull Ward Cleaver of 50s sitcom fame. Sex has been relegated to a Sunday night chore, her body is showing signs of her five pregnancies and with little help around the house she tells Jack, that unlike Jerry Maguire's famous line of 'you complete me', he diminishes her. But while their marriage needs resuscitation, it seems both partners can still attract the opposite sex. An old boyfriend gets back in touch with Claire while one of Jack's sexy, young colleagues turns on the charm. Will they both be tempted or can they ignite their passion for each other? This debut novel, winner of the American Title III competition, is an engaging, thought-provoking and humorous insight into what happens when harried meets surly. You won't be sleeping til you've finished it.

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