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Who Needs Men Anyway? – Victoria Cooke (2018)


Charlotte lives an enviable life - married to lawyer James she wants for nothing, arranging charity dos, shopping and working out. But she’s also got too much time on her hands – so much so that when she spots her personal trainer Megan’s man with another woman, she takes it on herself to do a spot of private investigating. She also springs into action when her gardener Sam wonders about his wife’s long hours on the job. But it seems the meddling Charlotte should be paying more attention to what’s going on in her own life.
This was an entertaining story about unravelling lives, getting even and moving on. Charlotte was a fantastic character – she may come across as shallow on first impressions but she’s actually a sharp wit and a sweet friend. A very funny read, although the ending felt like it was crammed in. You can read the prologue here. 7/10


Victoria Cooke's latest novel, Who Needs Men Anyway?, advises: don't get mad, get even. The summary says: "Thirty-something Charlotte's Emsworth's life is a sickeningly perfect round of charity events, hot yoga, and romantic gestures for sexy lawyer husband James. But, patiently waiting to get pregnant, Charlotte is bored. And when she's bored, she has a tendency to meddle...
First, it's her personal trainer Megan's cheating fiance, then the gardener Sam's wife's 'late nights at the office'. But soon the meddling, however well-intentioned, lands Charlotte in way over her head, and all the time spent managing other people's lives makes her blind to the cracks appearing in her own.
Getting even is one thing, but what about getting happy?" Who Needs Men Anyway? is out in April 2018.

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