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White Bodies - Jane Robins (2017)


Callie and Tilda are twins but they couldn't be more different. Callie is a bit shy and her days are filled by her job in a bookstore and she has not much of a social life. Tilda is an actress who loves to be at the centre of attention. During one of their movie nights, she is surprised to meet her sister's new boyfriend, Felix. At the beginning, Callie seems to like Felix and is charmed by him, but soon she starts to notice his controlling and obsessive behaviour and starts to worry that Tilda is in an abusive relationship. Callie has always felt protective towards her twin, so she joins an online support groups for victims of abusive men and their families. There she befriends two women to whom Callie reveals her suspicions, but soon things get out of control.
The term psychological thriller is very appropriate for this novel because the author explores in depth the psychology of all the characters involved. Each behaviour is analysed in detail and I couldn't stop reading, wondering what they would do next. This is one of these novels where you know that something bad is about to happen, with surprising twists all the way to the last word. It is a thought-provoking and dark novel that faces real-life issues. Its captivating writing and intriguing plot will keep you on edge all the way through! (NP) 9/10

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